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Q: In theRussian branch we have the St Andrew flag, as well as several versions ofSoviet navy flags, whereas the Imperial Japanese Navy sails under the merchantflag and the WWI Germans use a proxy flag of the Kriegsmarine. Do you plan thechange the flags in the future?
A: We will notadd the Rising Sun, Kriegsmarine, Reichsmarine, and the flag of the ImperialGerman Navy to the client, but you can install them using a mod. Those Japaneseand German flags that we can put in the client are already in it.

Q: I would liketo consume the premium time only when I am actually logged-in.
A: We have not considered such an option. You also do not pay for internetconnection on a per session basis. You could substitute premium time withsignals each battle. One reason for introducing signals was to give casualplayers an option comparable to premium time.
A:恩,您老还真是在做梦.你买宽带的时候有这种政策么?你可以用信号旗当高账使嘛. 挂上银币旗经验旗不就等于一个高涨了嘛~对不对?

Q: I would liketo see two new ports, a working dry dock and a battle scene with ship inaction.
A: This would be nice indeed. However, in the first case we would need to modelthe hull and dock animations. A battle scene is full with animations andspecial effects. Both would take considerable time to implement, and areunlikely to appear since we are already working on new ports.
Q:我想要新港口, 比如说这个干船坞或者战斗场景.
A:好想法啊.然而前者我们需要加入船体和港口的动画. 战斗场景呢则是成堆的动画和特效....你们小霸王要不要了? 另外这都要时间呐.况且我们正在搞新港口目前这事没大有戏.

Q: Since my 15point captain already has all the skills he needs, I would like the option ofspending all further points on improving the characteristic of the ship ratherthan the captain, for example +5 percent to speed, etc.
A: Your suggestion may sound good, but consider that someone would spend 17 to19 points on making a Khabarovsk even quicker. In order not to have a battle ofspeedboats, we would need to ether make the increment per point small, or limitthe number of points that you can spend. But the resulting system would not bevery different from the current system based on the captain skill. There issufficient variation in the current skill system to use all skill points.

Q: I amfrequently reported after reentering the game following disconnect. Can youtake into account when disconnects happen without the player’s fault?
A: We can assure that you will not be sanctioned for occasional disconnects.The karma lost can be restored by a few good games. In case of frequentdisconnects, you should contact your internet provided and solve the issue. Wedo not plan to change the karma system to account for disconnects that were notcaused by the game client or server.

Q: Why not letsister-ships of the existing ships enter the client, and let the player namethem from a list of historic names?
A: Ship names can be changed with a mod. Any other differences would amount tointroducing a new ship to the client. We prefer to award them on specialoccasions.

Q: Do you plan addinga temporary heel or list doe to hull damage, or a reduction of gunfire accuracydue to damage to fire control?
A: Imagine after a ship having received a torpedo hit early in battle, heelingso strongly that it cannot fire its guns, and locked in circulation. There islittle pleasing in such a scenario, and may lead to players quitting the battlebefore completely losing the ship. On the other hand, introducing such adetailed system for the ship that have a repair party would not be fair tothem. Let us not forget that it is a game, which should not offer a dullexperience.
A:想想你刚开场就吃了发鱼雷.然后船就这么侧倾19度,然后炮打不着了.方向也锁住了.这不好玩吧, 或者有的人直接双手离开键盘不玩了.另一方面这么细节的系统让有大保健的船可以注水平衡这就不公平了吧.这只是个游戏,不能太较真(你们2002年的太平洋风暴那些进水侧倾做那套细节多好)

Q: Do you planto flip the day depending on local time, rather than a single time for allservers? This would be more convenient for doing daily x1.5 (Note: Russian hasmany time zones. Hence the question).
A: Yes, this would be more convenient for doing the daily x1.5, but lessconvenient for introducing special events. This is a purely technical issue,but we plan to add a timer that shows when the x1.5 expires.

Q: Do you plansplitting the cruisers into several branches?
A: Not at the moment, since we do not see the necessity of doing so from a gameplay viewpoint. To establish a separate class you would need much more thanjust a difference in the main caliber. The RN cruisers are the first fullbranch of light cruisers.
A:目前不会.目前游戏角度没这必要.区分新级别不仅仅是口径问题. 英巡是首个全轻巡的线


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